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Toronto photog get together – MPH Photography

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

Not only was it a beautiful weekend but it was extremely busy for me. I had a sunrise mat shoot on Saturday, then we took the boys to centre island with some friends and then Monday I got together with a few photographers and we had a few models come out and we had a great time photographing all of them.

Lots of beautiful kiddos and big smiles and we even had a few pregnant ladies model for us as well.

We started off at U of T and then went down to the distillery and I’ve never heard so many camera’s clicking all at once, it was beautiful,lol.

The models were great and the photographers were all wonderful ladies and it was a pleasure to meet every one of them. Can’t wait to do it again.

The girls

So looking forward to doing this again soon.

Sunrise Maternity Shoot at the beach – MPH Photography – Toronto

Monday, May 24th, 2010

I had butterflies in my tummy and I was running on adrenaline cuz I really can’t eat in the morning and boy was this an early shoot.

I don’t get that much of a chance to do shoots like this but when it happens, I get beyond excited and almost can’t sleep the night before. After all what 8 month pregnant mom to be wants to wake up before dawn and get herself all pretty and head on down to the beach to take shots of her in front of the sun, who? Not many, I wish there were more, so you can understand how excited I was about this shoot.

Not only is Natalie beautiful and cute and a perfect prego model but she’s also family, my husband’s cousin and she lives all the way in Ottawa, and she drove 5 hours to come and do a session with me. I was so touched.

They were calling for rain on Saturday but I knew, I prayed and I knew that it was going to be ok, wether the sun came out or not. As we woke up at 4am and looked out we saw lots of clouds but clear spots and no rain, woo hoo. The only other thing was that it was just about FREEZING,lol. Only cuz it was so windy by the water did it make it feel like it was winter again,lol. Natalie and her hubby Jeff braved it out though and Nat fought the wind with all her might, a few times I thought she was going to be swept away by that gush of wind as she’s a tiny little thing, that didn’t happen fortunately,lol.

What did happen was awesome though, sun came out a little later than expected, but it came out and we got some wonderful and beautiful shots of this happy couple who are excitingly expecting their first and are waiting to find out if this is a girl or boy at the birth, now that’s patience.

I could go on and on about this session, but I’ll let the images speak for themselves, it was an awesome day and I can’t thank Nat and Jeff for driving all that way, waking up in the middle of the night,lol,  and for allowing me to capture such a special time in their lives.

I have sooo many more that I want to edit, but I wanted to get a few out now and I will add a few more to this post in the next day or so.

The girls – MPH Photography – Toronto

Friday, May 21st, 2010

There is nothing more fun than a bunch of young girls getting together and hiring a photographer to follow them around for a few hours and capture them in their youth.  This is not only a day they will remember but I day I will remember as well.

These were all beautiful girls who serve the Lord and live their life for Him, they are from a youth group at Forward baptist church, which happens to be my church as well and I know they were all excited and didn’t know what to expect, but I was more excited because I knew it was going to be a special day.

It was perfect day and I not only got to photograph these beautiful girls, but I also got to know them a bit more and they exude God’s beauty inside and out.

A fun day was had by all, even the older leaders of the group enjoyed themselves, and as you will notice, its hard to tell the leaders from the teens.

It was a wonderful pleasure photographing you ladies, and I can’t thank you enough for allowing me to capture you all. God bless.

Jacklyne – MPH Photography – Toronto

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

I’m a little late in posting, I try to get a post out every Monday if not twice a week, but its been crazy busy and it doesn’t look like its going to settle down anytime soon as I’m booked until the end of July and now booking for August and September and the fall, so if you want to do a fun shoot with me, give me a call or email me soon, and remember prices go up July 1st, so contact me before then to set up a date and to get the old prices.

I was looking forward to meeting Jacklyne and even though it was really cloudy out it was still nice, and we decided to go to the beach for this session and it was a perfect location for this beauty.

We were both excited and had alot of fun and had a few bystanders interested in this session as well,lol. It was all good though, because this cutie did her thing in front of  the camera and I was fortunate enough to capture it.  She even got in the freezing cold water to do a shot or two or ten, brave girl, loved that she was totally into the idea and jumped right on in.

She has a sweet smile and a delightful personality and I enjoyed our session. Here is the sneak peek of Jacklyne.

Stella & Denis Engagement session – MPH Photography – Toronto

Saturday, May 8th, 2010

If my best friend and I didn’t go to Jamaica, things may have been different but I strongly believe that that trip was the reason why my best is now engaged. After our trip in Oct. 2008 my best friend met her future husband and its all cuz of a pic I took. Although Stella is very beautiful, she’s shy in front of the camera and doesn’t like being the centre of attention so she didn’t have many pics of herself for that reason. That is until we went to Jamaica and I forced her to model for me and maybe its cuz we are so close that she opened up and blossomed into a flower on film. The pics from Jamaica were beautiful and Stella really liked them too. I even forced her to wake up at 4am with me to do a sunrise bridal shoot, I bought her a wedding dress, and a veil and we gathered a few flowers and made a small bouquet and off we went to the beach at 5AM, and those pics are some of my faves to this day.

I then showed my good friend Denis the one picture of Stella and he just had to meet her and so they did, and as they say, the rest is history.

Last September Denis proposed to my bff under a bridge and I can still remember her calling me and screaming and all I could understand was “I’m engaged”!!! It was awesome, she was so happy and they are the cutest couple and I know they love each other like crazy. I can’t wait to see them married this July.

Along with the proposal came a big decision for me, to photograph the wedding or be a part of bridal party. I thought about it and I decided that I really wanted to celebrate my bf’s special day and not have to work on that day, so I choose to be in the bridal party. I did promise to do the engagement party as well as an engagement session and bridal shower and I will bring the camera to the wedding but it won’t be my job so I can have fun and celebrate and take pics too.

So here are a FEW from their engagement session, we may do another one as we have a few more ideas for shots, so you may see another engagement session in a few weeks but for now, have fun looking at these, cuz I know we had SO much fun shooting them. Here is there engagement party that I photographed

We first went to the beach, to the same bridge that Denis proposed under and did a few shots there and then we went to the cherry blossoms, always wanted to go but it was PACKED, I mean crazy packed, we waited for almost an hour just to get in and find a parking spot, but it was worth the wait.

My best friend