Alona & Peter – MPH Photography -Toronto

I was excited to meet Alona and her hubby who were referred to me by a bridesmaid of a wedding I shot recently. We met this past Sunday and it was a perfect day for this session, not cold and not hot, just right.

I love it when clients are excited before a session and Alona kept telling me just how excited she was, which I find so endearing. I’m humbled when people tell me they love my work, I truly feel blessed that God has given me this gift and I get so excited before every shoot as I know people are putting their faith and trust into me to produce something special for them, which I try very hard to do.

I love my couples and Alona and Peter were so sweet and wonderful and we enjoyed our session as we chatted about different things including their faith, being that they are Jewish orthodox. I learned alot and had a fun time as well.

Thanks again Alona for choosing me to photograph you both, your gallery will be ready soon but for now here are a few sneak peeks from our session.

I took this shot while I was waiting for them to arrive.

3 Responses to “Alona & Peter – MPH Photography -Toronto”

  1. Darlene Says:

    Awesome shots – you are rockin that sun flare!!

  2. Petra King Says:

    Beautiful job and lovely images. I recognize the location too…awesome job!

  3. Jean-Marc D. Says:

    Wonderful Alona you look amazing…….. your hubby is not bad you guys look awesome the pics are terrific!!!! great job to all from posing to taking snap shots well done!!!

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