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more wedding pics – MPH Photography – Toronto

Sunday, March 28th, 2010

Is winter finally over??? I wouldn’t think so with this weather, cold and windy out, brrr, I just can’t wait until its warm out, but its coming soon, we are scheduled for a nice warm up this week so until then I will live in the past. One day in particular as it was so warm and nice out, that was the day of JM and Tim’s wedding.

I wanted to wait until I finished editing all the pictures, and I’m almost done but I just couldn’t wait any longer to post a few more from this fabulous event.

Here’s hoping everyone is enjoying the last cold weekend of this winter season (we hope,lol). If not, these pics will help warm you up,lol.

Chardonnay – MPH Photography – Toronto

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

Have you ever had one of those sessions that’s just HAWT from start to finish, well I did… AGAIN!!! This is my 2nd time photographing Miss Chardonnay, we did a beach session last June, you can view the images here and here and this time we did a studio session, and although I oringinally thought that studio is nice but I just didn’t think it was going to be as great as it was outdoors, well I was wrong, cuz it was just as hot as the beach session if not hotter,lol. I actually prefer doing sessions outdoors but I think for this girl no matter where we do the sessions she’s going to look great, which is fortunate for me.

We turned on some tunes and had fun, and the session flew by, and I just couldn’t wait to get home and get to editing although my computer had other plans which forced me to take longer to post these delicious images.

I had so much fun with you Chardonnay, thanks for being such a doll, enjoy your sneak peeks.

Corporate headshots – MPH Photography – Toronto

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

I’ve been meaning to get this post out for a while now but it was a crazy week and I’m only getting around to posting this now, and have another post to make after this as well.

I went to do a corporate headshot session the board of directors of Webtech last week and I expected a room full of serious faces. I was pleasantly surprised as each member came down for their turn as they were all ready and they all smiled and they were laughing and I think they enjoyed themselves.

I’m only going to show you a few images though and unfortunately none of the men, but I’m going to show you Lisa and a shot of her team to compensate.

Thanks for hiring me Lisa, it was a pleasure meeting everyone.

Studio play – MPH Photography – Toronto

Monday, March 15th, 2010

All that I kept thinking all weekend was that time goes by so fast and children grow up too quickly, so we need to cherish everyday that we have with them. So with that in mind, I was determined to make the weekend a “just family” weekend. Plus I wanted to get myself out of my funk for not being able to attend WPPI again, sigh, next year I’m going for sure!

We packed up the kiddos and got in the car and just drove. The kids love looking at our city so sometimes we just drive around and look at everything, and its so awesome to hear them oooh and aaah over things that Chris and I have seen all our lives and have ended up taking for granted. Children help you see things in a different perspective, they are so curious about the world and life and have a wonderful explorative nature and their awe about everything is so endearing. I never want that to change, but I know it will.  So for now, we played and went out and spent time together and had a great time, and we even managed to do a little photo shoot on both days at the studio. I love it when daddy and I and the boys just spend time together being a family and enjoying each other. We went into the Toronto Humane society to look at dogs and cats and of course we were all wanting to take one home with us but Chris and I talked it over and we are not ready to have a pet just yet, we are hoping to in the next few years though. We also enjoyed eating some yummy treats thoughout the city and I had to bring home some desserts from the greek pastry store Select Bakery, and although I didn’t take any pics this time, you can check out their site and you will see a number of delectable desserts.

My brother even came with us on the Saturday and I managed to take just a few of him and the kids and even got a decent shot of myself thanks to my sweet hubby, so it was not only a great family weekend it was productive as well. The only person I didn’t shoot was my hubby,lol. Maybe next time….

Enjoy the pics from the weekend, and just a reminder that as spring approaches, I’m booking more and more sessions so if you want a spring or summer or even a fall session, now is the time to book.

Wedding day

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

For March it was unusually warm out, and with the sun beaming down on us it almost felt warm enough for shorts. It was definitely a great day for a wedding and I knew this was going to be a fun and unique wedding, one that I will never forget.

As I saw Mr. Jean-Marc striding up the path all dressed in his wedding attire, what with the sparkly shoes and the multi coloured checkered shirt or his white rimmed glasses or that stunning blue prada broach my eyes couldn’t contain their joy. So many beautiful things to photograph, never mind the tiffany and cartier wedding bands, and the louis vuitton dog collar were all fabulous too, and I so need one of those LV collars, it doesn’t matter that I don’t have a dog yet,lol. JM was a bit nervous but ready, soon the rest of the party joined us and then Tim strolled up with Louis their gorgeous little doogie and we were ready to go.

We did all the formal shots before the wedding at Allan gardens in downtown Toronto and once we were done we drove on over to Sassafraz in Yorkville for the ceremony and reception. In the heart of yorkville is this exquisite restuarant and I was so excited that the reception was being held there, we were greeted with smiles and lots of pretty faces, the waiters at Sassafraz are all good looking, and extremely cordial and polite. A special thank you goes out to the manager Jean-Valery Lacasse, who took such good care of the whole wedding party all night long, merci Jean!

Shortly after we all arrived the ceremony began. Everything went by so quickly, as often wedding days do and after the ceremony came the yummy appetizers and then a fantastic dinner. We had many choices but I chose beef tederloin with lobster pommes thermidor and mushroom spinach saute which melted in my mouth (can you tell I love food?). Right before the main course, I had baby spinach with blueberries and maple roasted walnuts and goat cheese, and I have to say that is my new favourite salad. Dessert, again a choice and I chose the decadent chocolate marquis with mousse and ganache and lavender raspberry sauce, I was so full that I could only manage a couple of bites but it was wonderful.

I can not express how much fun my team and I had, everyone was so warm and kind and affectionate and such a super fun wedding party, and we barely stopped smiling all day. My thanks go out to the happy couple, Tim and J.M. along with best wishes and a long happy life together. Enjoy your sneak peeks.