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12 days old

Saturday, February 20th, 2010

Well I have been waiting to meet this little guy for about 9 months now,lol. I was so excited when my good friend and client came back from Africa and told me she brought something with her. Then she told me that she was expecting baby #5 and since I had already done a few sessions with her, I was extremely excited, and I always love doing more, as you will see she’s beautiful and her and hubby Nick make beautiful babies too.

I would love to introduce you all to Mr. Kael McKenny. Such a sweet little guy with TONS of hair, super soft hair too, ooh my how he made me want another one. So tiny and sweet and precious, I wanted to kiss him and not stop.

Kael did pretty good for his first time in front of the camera, slept most of the time and was quite happy and content, he was definitely a pleasure to photograph.

Dani, is a hero of mine, not only has she travelled the world and just came back from Africa with 3 kids in toe, but she has 5 wonderful children and just had the last one VBA3C (Vaginal Birth After THREE Cesareans). She’s also a breast feeding activist and natural childbirth advocate, she is one strong woman and I truly admire her so much.

If you live in the GTA then pop on over to you’ll find a few of us there chit chatting and sharing stories and getting together every so often and we all bring some yummy food and wine. It’s a great place and I’m very happy to be part of such a wonderful group of ladies.

Ok, enough chit chatting, here is the star himself, Kael. Enjoy your sneak peeks Dani.

Valentine’s Day Baptism

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

I can honestly say that this is a first for me, as I have never spent a Valentine’s day photographing a baptism, and I have to say what a great way to celebrate the day of Love.  Not only did I get photograph this great event, but I met some wonderful people, began some new friendships and as a bonus I also got to eat a wonderful dinner followed by yummy dessert and I even got to dance a little as well, what else could a girl want on v-day, oh and I can’t forget that my sweet husband did give me a tiffany necklace and bracelet charm set which I absolutely love, so it was a perfect day in my books, ok, I could have done without the cold, but everything else was perfect.

This sweet little boy is 6 months old and he stole everyone’s heart at the baptism including mine. His lovely and cute and adorable parents were so proud and so happy and along with their adorable little girl, they have a perfect family.

The baptism was at St. John’s greek orthodox church followed by a reception at Spirale banquet hall where everyone enjoyed a wonderful meal and then a bit of greek dancing. It was a great night and I was honoured to be a part of it. I hope you enjoy your sneak peeks Georgia.

The parents and big sister

The Godparents

The Nona (Godmother)

St. John's Church

The invitations

The bombonaires

The cookies

The emperor's new clothes!lol

Mother & Daughter

Monday, February 8th, 2010

Here are a few more from my session with Sandra and Ori, they look more like sisters than mother and daughter, don’t you think? These two were so much fun and although it was cold outside, the studio was nice and warm and cozy and we started off there and finished in the graffitti’d alley way, and by the time we went outside it got milder out too, woo hoo. Bring on spring already,lol.

The girls

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

More of the girls. They are all cousins and gosh so cute.

More of my boys…

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

Here are just a few more shots of my sweet little munchkins, my monkeys that drive me crazy but yet with one hug, all is right in the world. When I see them sleep in their beds and I know they are safe and sound and dreaming, I feel so blessed. I also feel blessed when they are writing on the walls and beating up each other and tracking in mud with their boots, but at those times I’m also pulling out my hair,lol. I’m sure many of you can relate. The joys of motherhood.