Ori & Sandra

Who would think that on a January day here in Toronto that the weather would be so nice, but it was, it was +4 which is great as we are used to -40 with windchills here, so this made me very happy, especially since I had a shoot with a young pretty girl downtown and I didn’t want her to freeze.

Happily she came with her mom who was a previous client and we did a fun indoor studio session and since the weather was so nice and I knew there was a bunch of graffiti’d walls nearby,  we decided to hit the streets as well.

Both beautiful and vivacious women and so much fun to work with. We laughed and chatted and caught up since the summer when I saw Sandra last.

It was a pleasure meeting such a beautiful and sweet young lady and it was great to see her mom again who is always full of love and life and joy, it was a great day, and I can’t thank you ladies enough. Enjoy your sneak peeks.

47 Responses to “Ori & Sandra”

  1. Amber Rhodes-Lapoint Says:

    LOVE the colors!

  2. Amber Debyah Says:

    What an awesome location!!!!!!

  3. Jenny Jardine Says:

    I love everything about these, gorgeous ladies and awesome colors, what more could you ask for?

  4. Amber Says:

    Okay…first off I can’t believe that this is mother and daughter. They look like sisters so young and fresh and these photos have captured that fantastically. I love the graffiti walls!!!!

  5. Britt Anderson Says:

    wow, these are great…what fantastic backdrops you have available to you!

  6. Schona Kessler Says:

    Love their smiles and your backgrounds are awesome!

  7. Charlotte Stringer Says:

    wow! Blown away!! WOW!!! What a freaking rockin’ location! These are just blow me a away fantastic!!!

  8. Jeannette Chirinos Gold Says:

    I could not tell who’s the mom here, both are adorable and beautiful
    love the outdoor pictures

  9. Amanda Willett Says:

    Absolutely amazing photos………creative and both mother like daughter just stunningly beautiful!
    Amanda Willett

  10. Tyjuana Hill-Smith Says:

    Great pics! Mom and daughter are georgeous! I love all the graffiti walls you have near you!

  11. Jordanna Says:

    LOVE the pictures almost as much as I love my ori! You ladies look beautiful.

  12. Rae Says:

    I love the graffiti, it’s perfect for these two beautiful girls!

  13. Jennifer Tschirhart Says:

    Amazing pictures! Very flattering and fitting to your character.

  14. Michelle West Says:

    You two look fantastic, I love the backgrounds!

  15. Lorna Says:

    OMG — these are fabulous — you both look so beautiful — who is the mom and who is the daughter?

  16. Sandra Melo Says:

    I really like the graffitti in the photos, great pictures!

  17. Jessica Says:

    Great pics guys! Whrer were these taken?? I love the colors!!

  18. Shannon Says:

    Love these! And you are cracking me up with being all “let’s go outside” because its above zero:) Us here in the south need to quit our whining:)

  19. Meaghan M Says:

    Love Love all of these! Can’t wait for my own 🙂

    Two stunningly beautiful woman!!!!

  20. Nasha M Says:

    You both look amazing!! 🙂 Love the mother and daughter pose 🙂

  21. Kelli-Anne Says:

    WOW, double wow…Sandra you and your daughter are breathtaking in these shots!!!

  22. Lyn Pickering Says:

    Great work-love the close ups of these 2 beautiful women-especially the eyes and of course mother & daughter together and the black & white shot
    was really amazing as well.

  23. Lyn Pickering Says:

    Great work-these photos are amazing-I love the background but especially love the black& white of Ori-the one of mother and daughter is great and so are the individual closeups the eyes are magnificent.

  24. Michelle Sinclair Says:

    What an amzing shot! I love all of it from the potographers kind and true words about her models to the colours to the fun and carefreeness in the whole thing. These are both beautiful women hearts and souls only amplified by the outstanding photography of an outstanding photographer. Thank you so much for sharing.
    Peace Love and Happiness to all involved <3 🙂 <3 🙂
    in gratitude
    🙂 🙂 🙂

  25. Aunt Vonnie Says:

    These beautiful ladies are my Neice & Great Neice.I just want to say that beauty runs in the family(HaHa)

  26. C O'Brien Says:

    What Can I say that hasn’t been said in the previous remarks. I know both these ladies and their real beauty cannot be captured with a camera but I must admit the photographer did a great job here. What a pair of beautiful ladies.xxoo

  27. Sharon Miller Says:

    gorgeous work. they look more like sisters then mom and daughter.

  28. Meredith Says:

    WOW.. just WOWWWWW amazing shots.. The mom is just as Beautiful as her daughter.. just fantastic!

  29. Gillian Says:

    Rocked these!!! Awesome work darlin!

  30. Christie LAcy Says:

    Wow! these are truly stunning. love the color and love her personality!

  31. Melanie Says:

    They are fabulous pictures, ladies..I especially love the picture of you and your daughter…she looks so grown up!!

  32. Melanie Popovic Says:

    Beautiful work as usual! LOVE these!

  33. carrianne Says:

    so pretty…the colors are amazing!!!

  34. Stacey Lund Says:

    These turned out great! Beautiful ladies!!! I love that awesome wall.

  35. sarah henderson Says:

    Holy WOW for that location!! Beautiful shots Mani!!!

  36. Leia Says:

    WoW! Mani, these shots are amazing, those walls are incredible, I mean, just WOW!!! 🙂 Great work!

  37. evie Says:

    Totally rockin’ shots!!! Fun, funky, colorful! Love them!!

  38. Rhonda Imbeault Says:

    very cool session. love the graffitti

  39. Summer Says:

    WOW!! These are fabulous!! LOVE LOVE those walls!

  40. Becky Says:

    Burrrrrrr. I just LOVE the places you have for backdrops!!!! amazing.

  41. Kelly W Says:

    Really cool backgrounds, coupled with two gorgeous ladies = wicked photos! Looks great!!

  42. A O'Brien Says:

    From Grand mom and Poppie
    Beautiful and We are proud of You Both

  43. A O'Brien Says:

    aka Mom AND Dad

  44. I Walsh Says:

    Great pictures they are just beautiful , no wonder your so proud there grand mom and poppie .. great job

  45. Leah Says:

    Super cool! You look wonderful Sandra 🙂

  46. Sandra Says:

    Thank you everyone for commenting on this blog….You are the best, I appreciate your time,
    and efforts! Namaste xx

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    […] is my 2nd session with Ori, she had a session done last year with her mom http://mphphotography.net/blog/2010/01/ori-sandra/ and this time she wanted to surprise her parents at Christmas with portraits of her and her […]

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