Agata’s Family

What a cold cold week its been, just freezing and I so hate the cold, love the snow but add that cold wind and I’m done. I have always hated wearing socks and wore my sandals til November if I could, but this year, I have worn socks at home for the last couple of months, that is so NOT me!!! I even took off my toe ring and last night I swear I needed 3 blankets just to get warm and don’t think I didn’t consider wearing my socks all night long, but unless I’m 2 ice cubes shy of a slushie I will not wear my socks to bed. Sorry, just had to rant for a bit. My brother counts down the days to spring, something like 83 days left, and I for one CAN’T WAIT!!!

Now that I’m done ranting, I want to share more of the Christmas shoot I did with Agata and her family. I know they took the train to T.O. from Ottawa and I so want to do that one day, so next year, I think we’re going to Ottawa and then I can do a shoot with them on the Rideau canal, another place I’ve wanted to visit as its a huge canal that freezes over and makes for one enormous skating rink.

We had a lot of fun here at cityhall though and although our skating rink is a bit smaller and a bit more crowded, it still made for an awesome local. It helped to have such a cute looking family as well, and I just had to share more from this session. Thanks again Agata!

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  1. agata Says:

    OMG! i LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE them! Manuella you’re amazing! I cant get to bed bc i keep looking at all the photos! thank u sooo much!

  2. Jenn Says:

    Every time you post another one, it’s more beautiful than the last! You are a very talented photographer!

  3. Angela Hutchinson Says:

    these photos are amazing. I love the set with the parents in the background, the snow and Victoria in the forground…they are truly magical 🙂

  4. samantha Walsh Says:

    these are beautiful

  5. evie Says:

    Good grief, Manuella. All of these are so beautiful!! That one with the texture on it is my favorite!!!

  6. Stacey Lund Says:


  7. Manuella Pararas-Hulbert Says:

    Thanks everyone, and Agata, I’m so thrilled you love them hon!! 🙂

  8. Summer Says:

    These are beautiful! I love, love the one where the snow is falling! You did fantastic on these!

  9. Petra Says:

    Gorgeous gorgeous family. Awesome job Manuella!!!! I am sure they LOVED these 🙂

  10. Amber Debyah Says:

    What a beautiful family!!!! And I am with you on the cold weather, Manuella! I hate it!!

  11. Amber Says:

    My goodness…really could photos get any more beautiful than these!!! They are each jaw dropping gorgeous!!!

  12. Debb Says:

    Awesome photos! You all look so happy and healthy…A great way to commemorate your family Christmas and celebrate a New Year. Excellent photography!

  13. Jenny Jardine Says:

    STUNNING!! What a gorgeous little girl, these are just gorgeous!

  14. carrianne Says:

    these are all so pretty…your colors just pop!!

  15. Shannon Says:

    Love these all! Great job and a beautiful family!

  16. Leia Says:

    These are GREAT!! I just love the one of her chasing the bird, too cute!

  17. Jeannette Chirinos Gold Says:

    Manuella you have done a wondeful session, great pp’ing and love love love viktoria’s lolipop collage
    congrats to that wondeful kid for having tis great session

  18. Sharon Miller Says:

    These are so cute, Manuella. Love the shot of the little girl chasing the bird. They’re all awesome.

  19. sarah henderson Says:

    Mani this was an amazing session! What a plethora of images for them to choose from. Narrowing it down will be quite hard for them I imagine! I love your brother’s countdown to spring!

  20. Charlotte Stringer Says:

    Wow! Girl, if you get any better… I am gonna have to come up there and let you do my pics for my kids! Awesome!!!

  21. Becky Says:

    These are incredible – there are so many I could not pick a favorite!! I do love the one with the snow falling. Beautiful work – they will buy them all!!! 🙂

  22. Rhonda Imbeault Says:

    oh my that child is gorgeous! Great looking family! Good work.

  23. Tyjuana Hill-Smith Says:

    The color and clarity in these are perfect! As I was going through these I was saying, “oh, that’s my favorite, no I really like that one, oh, that’s beautiful”…I LOVE THEM ALL!!!

  24. Teresa Says:

    Wow, these pictures are amazing. Beautiful family of course, I love them 🙂 The camera is so crisp, and clear; the shots are magnificent.

  25. Renee Whiting Says:

    The next to last storyboard is AWESOME!! I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!! Just LOVE IT!!

  26. Amber Rhodes-Lapoint Says:

    These are GORGEOUS. I especially love the snow pictures.

  27. Dawn Says:


  28. Victoria Kuek Says:

    LOVE THEM!!!!!

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