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Fairy delight

Sunday, January 31st, 2010

Had one of my very best friends come over yesterday and we had a little shoot with her daughter and two neices and I always have so much fun with them as they love to dress up and love to pose for me, I was in heaven. I have only managed to edit one of Savannah, my best friend’s daughter, but expect to see a few more from the session soon.

Night and Day

Sunday, January 31st, 2010

I have to say that I was so not prepared for exactly how different my boys would be! Don’t get me wrong, I knew they would have their differences between them but its like they are just about the exact opposite of each other and it just amazes me on a daily basis. One has burned black hair and one has sandy blonde hair, one didn’t sleep for almost a full year when first born and the other slept all night from 6 weeks on. One loves to cuddle, and one wants nothing to do with it as he can’t still for more than a second unless its to watch spongebob,lol. One loves to pray and go to church and the other well he doesn’t, he’ll talk during prayers and will do anything he can not to go to church. One loves breakfast, the other hates it, one loves going to sleep and the other hates it and fights tooth and nail not to go to bed. One loves having his picture taken and one hates it with every fiber of his being, and this last point is the only one I really have a problem with as its so hard to take just one good picture of the two of them and it seems like I only get one a year that I like. Its so frustrating being a photographer and being able to take good shots of “other” kids but not mine, or at least not one of mine,lol. I’m hoping as he grows it will get easier, right? Am I fooling myself? Well if I am, I can dream and hope and pray and I’ll deal with all the other differences but I may just pull my hair out if he doesn’t get over having his picture taken.

For now, here is the ONE shot I got of the two of them, and I hardly believe I got it, and not thrilled with it, but hey, it will have to do cuz I don’t have ANY others,lol. It was fun in hindsight but it was HARD work. I do have a few more shots of the two of them individually but I’ll post those at a later date. Just wanted to post the one of the two of them together, especially since it will probably be the only I get of them together this year,lol.

My boys

Ori & Sandra

Monday, January 18th, 2010

Who would think that on a January day here in Toronto that the weather would be so nice, but it was, it was +4 which is great as we are used to -40 with windchills here, so this made me very happy, especially since I had a shoot with a young pretty girl downtown and I didn’t want her to freeze.

Happily she came with her mom who was a previous client and we did a fun indoor studio session and since the weather was so nice and I knew there was a bunch of graffiti’d walls nearby, ¬†we decided to hit the streets as well.

Both beautiful and vivacious women and so much fun to work with. We laughed and chatted and caught up since the summer when I saw Sandra last.

It was a pleasure meeting such a beautiful and sweet young lady and it was great to see her mom again who is always full of love and life and joy, it was a great day, and I can’t thank you ladies enough. Enjoy your sneak peeks.

Agata’s Family

Sunday, January 10th, 2010

What a cold cold week its been, just freezing and I so hate the cold, love the snow but add that cold wind and I’m done. I have always hated wearing socks and wore my sandals til November if I could, but this year, I have worn socks at home for the last couple of months, that is so NOT me!!! I even took off my toe ring and last night I swear I needed 3 blankets just to get warm and don’t think I didn’t consider wearing my socks all night long, but unless I’m 2 ice cubes shy of a slushie I will not wear my socks to bed. Sorry, just had to rant for a bit. My brother counts down the days to spring, something like 83 days left, and I for one CAN’T WAIT!!!

Now that I’m done ranting, I want to share more of the Christmas shoot I did with Agata and her family. I know they took the train to T.O. from Ottawa and I so want to do that one day, so next year, I think we’re going to Ottawa and then I can do a shoot with them on the Rideau canal, another place I’ve wanted to visit as its a huge canal that freezes over and makes for one enormous skating rink.

We had a lot of fun here at cityhall though and although our skating rink is a bit smaller and a bit more crowded, it still made for an awesome local. It helped to have such a cute looking family as well, and I just had to share more from this session. Thanks again Agata!

Stella & Konstantinos – Engaged

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

It was freezing cold out but nothing could stop me from puttinng on my pretty black dress and curling my hair and doing my nails and going out in that freezing cold weather to celebrate my best friend’s engagement.

The party was held at Omonia, a lovely greek restuarant on the Danforth, and not only did we eat and laugh and drink and dance, but we cried too. It was an overwhelming night, filled with love and joy and anticipation for the couple’s upcoming wedding in July.

I was asked to be the photographer for her wedding but I declined as I really wanted to enjoy myself and party. Of course this does not mean I won’t bring my camera, just the opposite, I plan on taking TONS of pics but I won’t feel rushed or pressured and I won’t be “at work” instead I’ll be in the bridal party walking down the aisle right before my best friends walks down that same aisle to join hearts with the man she loves. Proud to say I introduced them to each other as well.

I have only edited a few, but Stella is gorgeous in all the pics, and I couldn’t be more happier and can’t wait to stand beside her on her big day.