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Our Christmas Card

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

I have so much I want to talk about right now but I’m crazy busy with orders, editing, packaging and waiting for things to come in from one place or another, its that time of year when everyone scrambles and tries to get as much done as quickly as possible. I have barely even started my Christmas shopping even, but that’s another story.

I must say that I’m so excited about this Christmas though, my boys who are 6 and 3 are bursting with joy in the anticipation that santa is coming (although our oldest George has asked me if Santa is really real, I have avoided answering, I want him to remain a child for as long as possible, he can wait a little longer to find out the truth about santa). Although santa is fun and gifts and cookies and all that stuff is awesome, we always talk about the real meaning behind Christmas so they know this isn’t just a commercial holiday. I feel so blessed this year, and so thankful, God is good and I am so looking forward to Christmas day.

On a side note, George got back his report card and I know he’s only in grade one, but he got all A’s and B’s across the board, and A+ for reading, he loves to read, my boy, we are so proud of him.

I usually wait to surprise family and friends with our Christmas card, but I can’t wait this year, I’m telling you the excitement inside is bubbling up,lol. So here is the card I made from scratch for this year.