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Christmas Family shoot

Thursday, December 24th, 2009

I have been wanting to do a shoot like this for a while now, winter time, outdoors, rosy cheeks, cute hats and scarves and mits, Christmas cheer all around and the cold crisp air that reminds you that Christmas is near.

I love that they were up for the idea of going downtown to city hall, there is a big skating rink there and a huge Christmas tree and it just makes you smile to be down there at this time of year. If you haven’t, I highly suggest, bringing your skates (you can rent them too) and have a go around the rink, it will be a memory you will not soon forget.

I had the pleasure of photographing Agata and her family who came down all the way from Ottawa, well not just for me, but to spend time with their families for Christmas as well,lol. They have the cutest little girl and she was like a pretty little fairy, always flying around enjoying her surroundings and barely standing still for a minute. When she did sit still, my camera was extremely happy as she makes for one beautiful little model. Her parents aren’t too bad either,lol.

We had such a nice time, enjoying downtown and even the cold weather, we walked and talked and had a lovely session. I know I wasn’t suppose to edit any images before Christmas, but I just couldn’t wait, and I wanted to give them a little sneak peek as a Christmas gift, also as a thank you for driving me to my hubby’s work afterwards, which was mighty kind of them.

I really enjoyed our time together Agata, thanks again hon, hope you have a wonderful stay here in the city, enjoy your Christmas and hope you love the sneak peeks.

Christmas baking

Thursday, December 24th, 2009

I have baked so much lately that my arms feel like they are going to fall off,lol. Some things turned out better than others, but its always fun baking at Christmas time. My sons both helped out a bit and they really love to cook, or help make a mess at least,lol. I think they enjoyed making the chocolate chip cookies the best.

I tried a new recipe and although the pic for it is not that great, the taste more than makes up for the bad pics,lol. It was light and sweet and yummy and I really enjoyed it, I will definitely make it again, SOON.

Along with everything else, I made chocolate chip cookies, toffee cookies, the traditional greek cookies(kourabiedes, melomakarona, biscota), then I made chocolate peanut butter squares which my husband won’t share with anyone,lol and my favourite item so far, coconut cake. I also made a hot spinach dip for the first time, and I must say I LOVE it, I’m used to the cold spinach dip, but this was cheesy and delicious, definitely another fave. Below are a few pics, forgot to take pics of the greek cookies, will try to tomorrow.

I’m so looking forward to Christmas, its such a wonderful time of year, and I love spending it with my family. I can’t wait to see the kids faces in the morning, its such an awesome blessing.

I wanted to thank everyone for all their love and support, without all of you I’m nothing, and I wish you and your family nothing but the very best this blessed holiday season and a very prosperous, fun, and wonderful new year.

and just had to share a pic I took a couple months back in October of George. He has since cut his hair because it was getting too long, I have yet to take a pic of his new haircut, but plan to soon.

Catching up

Friday, December 18th, 2009

Editing, ordering, packaging and now baking, cleaning up, and getting ready for Christmas which is in a week!!! I can’t believe its only a week away.

So much to say and hopefully I can remember everything,lol. I have the last of a session I did and didn’t get a chance to share more from that shoot, so I will post a few of those. Then, I have a couple of pics of my mini accordians and a few pics of the 40 or so painstaking ornaments WE made, I say we loosely, as George was all for helping me but by the 5th one, he was tired and pretty much left the rest up to me,lol.

Still have some more baking and haven’t even started wrapping, hardly got any Christmas shopping done yet even, but will get to that.

Looking forward to Sunday as we have been invited by our friends and George’s classmate to attend an intimate Christmas party, a few kids, a few adults, a few yummy things to eat, gingerbread, painted faces, tattoo and a special appearance will be made by Jolly ol saint Nick himself. Can’t wait for this party, should be fun.

This session was so much fun and there was so much creativity going on, both are artists and very talented and they both had ideas about poses and artwork that they wanted on top of the pictures. The client himself did the artwork on top of the images and I love what he came up with, the final results are absolutely beautiful. They purchased many of these in large wall print sizes and they are breath taking in person.




last one 20x16


Mini Accordians



Christmas Ornamments









The last of Krystal

Sunday, December 6th, 2009

This is bittersweet as on one hand, I’m happy to be done editing this beautiful girl’s session but on the other hand I’m sad as there was something about this session, the pics jumped off the page, definitely one of the most fun sessions I’ve had.

I am struggling with how many images to post, as I love sooo many and I edited more than usual as a special request to the Krystal, there were just so many she liked,lol.















More and more of Krystal

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

Lots going on lately, Christmas is around the corner and there is an endless list of things to do,  as I slowly get things done, I wanted to share just a few more of Krystal as I know she’s just waiting for these, I’m half way done editing her session, so you will see more of this girl, I just love the way her pics came out, and I think she loves them too which makes me even more thrilled.