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Cheryl’s Family

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

I’ve known Cheryl for a while now, we have been part of the same Toronto mom group and she always told me she wanted to do a session with me and it just never happened til now.

I was so excited to finally get to do a session with her and her family,  and the weather was nice, well,  ok, it was a bit cold, but manageable and I knew we would have a lovely time and we did. They have the cutest lil girls and although the oldest was a bit shy at first, I think the red wings and wand that i gave her to wear helped a little, actually alot, as she didn’t want to take them off after that,lol.

I have been meaning to put up these sneak peek for days but just haven’t been able too and so without any further delay, here are your sneak peeks Cheryl! Thanks hon, and I hope to be done editing the rest of your photos soon.








Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

I never expected November to be so busy and I thought things would be slowing down, but I think this has been one of my most busiest month’s this year.  I am so behind and have so many posts that I wanted to blog about and time is slipping away through my fingers and there is such a long list of things to do still.

I have yet to post about my session with Deborah, who warned me that she, and I quote ” look like hell right now” so I was expecting, well, actually don’t know what I was expecting but it wasn’t good,lol. Then when my assistant and I arrived to this quaint little cottage like home, we were stunned and in shock at how lovely this lady actually is. I was pleasantly surprised and it was such a beautiful day and we had a lovely time, and I have to say I LOVED her home, she rocks at decorating!

Thanks Deborah, it was alot of fun.










Red Angel

Saturday, November 7th, 2009

She said she was a bit shy but I had her doing stuff today that made her anything but shy.

Had a very fun day with Krystal, we went out and played in this lovely weather and got some great shots in the process.

She’s a young lil thang, and adorably cute and so sweet and kind, and we got along great, we laughed and talked and really had a great time. I pretty much forced her to climb hills and get into bushes, wear wings and run around, and we even went to a railfroad track all for the sake of the shot. I ended up getting attacked, not by bugs or anything, but by spurs, they were stuck all over my pants, well worth it though,lol.

I have so many images that I love from this shoot and can’t wait to share more with you, but for now here’s a few.

Thanks for hiring me Krystal, I really can’t wait til we do it again.






5 Days old

Friday, November 6th, 2009

OMGoodness, warm and cuddly and soft and that smell, that newborn smell, I was in heaven!

I had the sweet pleasure of meeting Miss Sadie today, 5 days young, and the tiniest lil thing, oh so cute and adorable and I just wanted to hold her all day, forget the pictures,lol.

After I finally let her go,lol, we began and I could have spent the whole day there, she was just sooo cute. I think its almost time for another one for us, lol. I said almost……

So here are more than a few sneak peeks cuz I just couldn’t wait.









I have 2 more sessions this weekend and am busy busy busy editing, ordering, wrapping but I promise to try to update the blog, just bare with me during this busy time.

To the islands….

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

She walked into the room, and I thought ” I have to photograph her” she’s just one of those beautiful people that you would love to photograph, and then we were introduced at my friends’ house where a bunch of us get together every so often. We are all part of group of ladies called natural mothering and we all have so much fun. Beth is new to the group, she moved to Toronto with her family from New Jersey just this past spring, so this was her first time at one of our get togethers. We hit it off right away and even though I was exhausted from the day’s festivities as I had just finished photographing the thanksgiving day special with 8 families, I was so glad I went and gabbed with the girls, and let’s not forget the yummy food too. It was a great night, talked to some old friends, and even got to meet some new ones too.

To my happy surprise Beth contacted me shortly after she saw some of the pics from the Thanksgiving day special and wanted to do a shoot, which made me so happy. Then she said she wanted pics with the skyline of Toronto in the background…… one thought came immediately to mind, the islands, and that’s when I got really excited.

I have always wanted to shoot there, we have 3 of them, centre island, ward’s island and Hanlan’s point, here is a bit about the islands if you want know more . Unfortunately after September they close down Centre Island for the winter and so we are left with Ward’s adn Hanlan’s point. Ward’s has a better view of the skyline so we opt’d for there.

I thought we were going on the nice ferries but instead for winter they bring out the ugly ones, you know, just a barge with barriers so you don’t fall over. I so wanted to take pictures of them inside the ferry and instead, we got a slab of rock that floats,lol. Didn’t even bring out the camer going over. Once there we found a cute little beach right beside the docks. It was a bit cool, and greyish out but happy that it wasn’t raining or freezing. A cute little kitty came by to welcome us to the island and the girls were smitten. It was such a cute little thing, and I almost wanted to take him or her home with me.

We had a lovely time, and I really enjoyed photographing all of them, beautiful family and I hope they enjoy their sneak peeks.

Thanks so much Beth, it was such a fun day and I look forward to doing another session with you again. Like we talked about, centre island next time, May would be a perfect time for that.