Not easy!

I love taking pics of kids, I love getting down to their level and playing with them, and talking with them, and laughing with them and I know they are going to run around and want to be silly and I indulge that. I let them lead and take my time with them and usually by the end of the session, we got some great shots and I made a new little friend as well.

My kids are not that easy. They should know how to pose, and smile properly, and sit properly and behave and smile on cue, instead all they want to do is chase each other which always causes them to run into the backdrop or the reflector. It pretty much turns into a long drawn out drama with one crying and the other not sitting still and I usually end up bribing them as nothing else seems to work, and even bribery doesn’t always work.

So again I tortured myself and brought out everything for a shoot with my youngest, as he’s the hardest and I thought by doing him alone it may be easier. I was so wrong!!! Even though he promised to smile and be nice for the pics and got dressed and as soon as I asked him to sit down, that was it, he didn’t want to sit, didn’t want to smile, gave all kinds of silly faces and he just wanted to do what he wanted which didn’t sit well with me.

With every little bit of patience I had, I took as many shots as I could and I managed to come up with a couple of cute shots, which you’ll see below. This session took so long that my eldest came back from school and the studio was still  up  and he let me take just a handful before becoming so silly that I knew the session was officially done.

And this is what I go through, every time I try to do a shoot with them. So much for a nice Christmas card to send out to people this year,lol.




and this is the face that I mostly got.


and one of George


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