Mommy look…

is what my little monkey said as I turned to see the horror that was on his face. I winced and must have contorted my face several different ways as I looked on my son and hoped that wasn’t what I thought it was on his face. After a minute or so, I finally got the courage to move in for a closer look and slowly realized that it was just chocolate, thank goodness. Much later, I found the 2 round circle pretzels that had hardly any chocolate on them and then put two and two together and knew that this was the reason for the chocolate eyes,lol. I ran for the camera of course, as i chuckled and my oldest was on the floor laughing his butt off, and below is the result of chocolate covered pretzels in shapes of O’s,lol.

of course I have to add a couple of pics of my oldest, one with crazy hair and one of him as a crazy animal, both were themes for the day at vacation bible school, which he absolutely loved and I am so glad, as I remember as a child I took love VBS and it was so sweet to see him enjoy it so.




7 Responses to “Mommy look…”

  1. Meredith Says:

    LOOOOOVE these.. your work is Awesome!

  2. Britt Anderson Says:

    OMG, that is the funniest thing ever!!!

  3. Renee Whiting Says:

    haha, they both look like they are ready for Halloween and some Trick or Treating!

  4. evie Says:

    you have some cute boys, Manuella whether they’re animals for VBS or covering their eyes with chocolate pretzels!

  5. ~Jen~ Says:

    LOVE it! So much fun!

  6. Schona Kessler Says:

    That first shot is hilarious! Love the crazy hair shots too!

  7. Charlotte Stringer Says:

    You have a some HUNKS there girl!! love these!! I know they had a blast, as did you!!

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