Sunday Morning

Before church I attempted to make cinnamon buns for the first time, and I must say they came out pretty good. What’s better though, is my sweet lil boy, our oldest George, looking all handsome and ready for church with his “hero” bible in his hands. Makes my heart burst with pride when I see him like that.






11 Responses to “Sunday Morning”

  1. Meredith Says:

    What a handsome little man… and what YUMMMMMIE rolls. Excellent captures!

  2. Schona Kessler Says:

    You are making me hungry for some sweets! lol. They look delicious. Love George what a stud muffin.

  3. Rhonda Imbeault Says:

    ohh your dough rose beautifully! Love them!

  4. ~Jen~ Says:

    George looks like a heartbreaker! And your cinnamon buns are making me hungry!

  5. shannon Says:

    Love the pics of the buns! So yummy!

  6. Mel Chern Says:

    OMG, those look so delish..are you going to share that recipe? Or you can just send me a care package 🙂 Your DS is adorable!!!

  7. Jeannette Chirinos Gold Says:

    Manuella what a wonderful capture for your rolls…. they look very yummy
    send me the recipe 🙂
    the boy looks so grown up

  8. Mary Says:

    Oh, boy – those look delicious. And what gorgeous eyes your son has!

  9. Petra Says:

    ummm now I want some 🙂 These came out awesome…everytime I turn around George is getting bigger and bigger! Stop it already!!

  10. evie Says:

    Your son is so handsome! Just wait til he gets bigger! Those rolls look so good. I can almost smell them from here.

  11. Stacey Lund Says:

    Your son is so cute. I love the pictures of your cinnamon buns.

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