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Dani & Nick’s Wedding Part II

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

Once again, I can’t express how much fun we had at this wedding and it didn’t matter that it rained non stop for 12 hours or that it was foggy and freezing out, everything else disappeared and what remained was the love and the joy and the happiness of these 2 people and their precious family.

As they are in Africa right now, they are scheduled to come back for vacation and we plan on doing another shoot then, and I for one can’t wait.









and more of Aimee…..

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009








Pin up

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

I had a fun but busy weekend and it ended up with me being sick as I think I got sun stroke from being out in the sun all day Sunday.

I got together with a couple of my fave photog friends on Sunday and we had a fun shoot with a sweet gal Aimee. Young and beautiful and up for anything, and oh so pleasant to photograph, as you’ll see.  Wanted to say thanks to Bon and Shelly and a special thanks to Ricky who gives the best directions and got me to my next shoot super fast and with no problems, thanks Ricky!!

I have many to edit but as I get busier and busier I’m afraid I’m going to get slower at posting images. I will try not too though.







and one of Ricky


Road Rash

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

It happened, I knew it would, it was only a matter of time before my little one slid along the ground and scratched up that heavenly face of his. His brother and him managed to collide and Nik somehow kissed the ground with his nose and elbow. Poor lil thing, he looks like some experimental halloween makeup gone wrong,lol. I’m thanking God that it wasn’t worse though.

As I tried to take pics of said scratch, he kept making funny faces, and I then turned those into a collage,lol. He’s going to love me when he grows up. Oh and on a side note, I purchased a magnet for the car with a different image than usual, as its usually Lily, my lil muse, but this time I decided to put George on it. I told him, thinking he would be proud and he quickly turned red and squealed in horror and begged me never to drive by his school as God forbid any of his friends should see the magnet, I didn’t expect that already, he’s only 6. How could he be embarassed yet, that doesn’t happen til they get older, does this mean, he’s getting older??? Say it ain’t so…… Guess that means my lil one is getting older too, they grow up way too fast.


and the middle pic again, cuz I love it, but I took his scratch away.


Birds eye view

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

Just one, I really like this shot and wanted to post it.

My thought for today…. Soar as high as you can, eventually, you’ll get there.