Sweet Family

I had the pleaure of shooting a beautiful family today, and although it was really rainy and it was a long way away and our car was malfunctioning on the way, it was a great day. I met the sweetest family, the father Mansur is a co worker of my husband and we had a small window of opportunity to shoot his family as grandma was visitng. His lovely wife Zahra and their beautiful children were candy for my camera.

The weather cleared up and we made it home safely and have a few sneek peaks that I would like to share from our session. More to come.

Although I have all of these in colour and will show the family both colour and bw of these shots, I personally love bw.






and one of all the kids, my personal fave


20 Responses to “Sweet Family”

  1. Mary Says:

    What a stunning family!! Beautiful work!!

  2. Katherine Scruggs Says:

    Beautiful family and what a treasure to have these great photos with Grandma!

  3. Stephanie D Says:

    WOW! What a beautiful family! Amazing captures! I bet they will be super happy!

  4. Renee Whiting Says:

    I love the group shot! They are going to cherish that for many generations to come! Great job! Those girls are gorgeous!

  5. Jenny Jardine Says:

    Gorgeous!! They are going to love these photo’s, such a beautiful family and beautiful photographs!

  6. Rhonda Imbeault Says:

    Beautiful girls. Great job. They all have great eyes

  7. Sharon Miller Says:

    What a nice looking family. Gorgeous young ladies here. Your shots are beautiful as always.

  8. Amy Dungan Says:

    These are all just beautiful! You did a fantastic job!

  9. Heather Says:

    What gorgeous images you were able to capture for this family! The group shot is wonderful!

  10. Rae Says:

    Gorgeous family!

  11. Jordan Says:

    Beautiful – I love the black and white – so classic!

  12. Dani Says:

    Beautiful family! I love the individuals of the kids too!

  13. Jeannette Chirinos Gold Says:

    i like them, nice work
    I really like the 1st and the 3rd one pictures

  14. Evie Curley Says:

    Ok. First of all, it’s just not fair for a family to be SO beautiful. Really! Second, these are some beautiful shots!!! Fantastic work, just fantastic!!

  15. admin Says:

    Thanks for all the wonderful replies everyone. I think they are a beautiful family too.

  16. Amber Says:

    Love the light in their eyes, beautiful portraits! 🙂

  17. Schona Kessler Says:

    Oh the black and whites look great! I love the last shot the most…what a good looking family!

  18. Carri M. Says:

    These look great. I these in black and white. They are going to love them.

  19. Rhonda Says:

    These are gorgeous! Great job!

  20. Christina R Says:

    beautiful work!!!

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