Oh Baby!

I’m so happy and thrilled that I got to work with Oh Baby magazine. It’s a local resourceful magazine for parents and is often filled with useful tips, great articles and a whole bunch of good stuff.  An image of mine was used for a clothing company’s ad and I also have an ad in the magazine as well.

It was a pleasure working with Nick and Sandy who both publish and edit the magazine, and I look forward to working with them again in the near future.

Please check them out if you live in the GTA.


Here are the images in the magazine, the cover, and the image of the little girl in pink that I took and then my ad.

Oh Baby

Oh Baby

The image I shot.

The image I shot.

My ad - inside half of right page

My ad - inside half of right page

9 Responses to “Oh Baby!”

  1. Evie Curley Says:

    Wow, this is SO cool! Congratulations!!!

  2. Sharon Miller Says:

    Your ad looks great. You always do such supreme work, I’m sure it will bring you lots of new clients.

  3. Sue Ann H Says:

    This is so awesome!!! Congrats!!!

  4. Helen Says:

    Well done! Brilliant as ever 😉

  5. Andrea Says:

    Those pictures are great and I’ll definately have to check out the website and the magazine.

  6. robyn Says:

    Congrats on being published!! Lovely images.

  7. sarah Says:

    Congrats on being published! THats awesome!

  8. Carri M. Says:

    This is so cool. Congratulations. Quite an achievement.

  9. Rhonda Says:

    That’s awesome! Congrats and great work!

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