Busy busy

Been very busy trying to keep up with everything, sessions, editing, George just went back to school, SK now, my lil boy is growing up so fast. I don’t get to take as many pictures as I would like of my family anymore as work takes up alot of my time, but every so often I do bring the camera out to take shots of something or other, here’s a few of those something or other shots,lol.

I always try to capture lighting but they tend to be pretty quick,lol, so its a difficult feat to accomplish, but I am one happy photog when I do.

This is the hair clip I bought from Danielle Pollak at the CNE, I am showing it in a bigger size so you can see all the wonderful work that goes into it.

Playing with a hose and water and dof.

I also had the pleasure of assisting Silvana from http://www.impulsephoto.com with a gorgeous and fairytale wedding this past weekend and it was quite the experience. It was the most beautiful day out and the weather was so hot and it was a non stop day. So many intricate details, so many beautiful elements that went into this day and I wish Rosanne and Robbie a long life filled with love and happiness. Thanks for inviting me Silvana. Just have a look on Silvana’s blog to view some images from the wedding.

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  1. PD Says:

    looks fab hun. Kim rawks again! 🙂

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