Samara and Ari’s Family session – Toronto – MPH Photography

October 23rd, 2014

This is our 4th time photographing Samara and Ari’s family, and I love watching Stella and Leo grow and I love helping this family make memories with wonderful images to look back on as they get older.

We couldn’t have picked a better day to do this session. Not hot and not cold out, and very nice to take a walk in as we did with Samar and Ari and the kids. The kids were having a great time, and Stella loved posing for the camera and made us laugh and it was so cute to hear her giggle,  I always enjoy seeing young energetic children enjoying life to the fullest without a care in the world. Oh to be young again. I love capturing their smiles and their anticipation or excitement at what’s around the corner. Blow some bubbles and you got children squealing with joy and just having the time of their lives.  Hopefully with some of these images, they will remember how much fun they had.

It was great seeing your family again Samara and Ari, and we were delighted to photograph you all again, we had a great time with you all and wish you and your family all the best. Enjoy your sneak peek.


















Marcela and Oscar – Toronto – MPH Photography

October 15th, 2014

I met Marcela through one of my best friends, in fact, Mariana was one of my bridesmaids but she lives in Mexico where she met Marcela. Somehow Marcela is the one that ended up moving to Toronto and Mariana introduced us through facebook and I’m so happy she did as Marcela is such a sweet and funny and lovely girl. I was thrilled when she wanted me to do a session with her and her husband. They have been married 5 years and wanted to celebrate this anniversary with a photo shoot. I definitely think its the best way to celebrate any anniversary, and I love photographing couples in and around Toronto and with the fall colours, it was just like being in a candy store, I kept finding beautiful spots to photograph them in.

We met at sugar beach, at the Queens’s quay and walked around and laughed and enjoyed ourselves as I photographed the two of them. You could see the love that they have for each other and its always a pleasure photographing people who are totally in love with each other, their love always translates through the lens and the images captured are always beautiful.

I feel as if I have known Marcela for a long time, perhaps its because Mariana told me so much about her but I’m so happy that she lives here now and we get to hang out and get better acquainted, now if only we could get Mariana to move here too, then we would be the 3 amigos,lol.

Hope you enjoyed yourselves Marcela and Oscar, and I hope you like the sneak peek.














Little Miss T – 9 days old – Newborn session – MPH Photography – Toronto

September 25th, 2014

I always find it such an honour when I’m hired to photograph a newborn. I am overcome with joy that the parents want me to photograph their most precious thing in the world and this means so much to me.

Stefania and Nick welcomed me into their home and introduced me to their 9 day old little girl and immediately I fell in love. Babies are such miracles, tiny little people, she was perfect in every way and she was just such a joy to work with. She slept for pretty much the whole session and she was a natural and I really think she enjoyed herself ,  we even got a few smiles from her.

Talia’s parents, Nick and Stefania were so sweet and so excited about their newest addition to their family, and I could tell they love their little girl with all their hearts. I think she will be one lucky little girl and will have a life full of love and I also think her daddy is going to protect her and keep her safe and not let any boys go near her,lol.

It was a beautiful warm day and the sun was shining and the house was filled with love and joy and its always a pleasure to work in such an environment. We really enjoyed our time with this lovely family.

Thanks again Stefania and Nick for inviting us into your home and into your lives and choosing us to capture this special time. We look forward to watching Talia grow up and we hope you will call on us again when you need us.

Enjoy your sneak peek.















Miranda’s family – MPH Photography – Toronto

August 6th, 2014

It’s always a pleasure photographing a return client and a friend. Miranda is such a wonderful person, sweet and caring and so giving and she’s come back several times to us to photograph her family and this time it was the extended family and we had so much fun with all of them.

We choose a beautiful park and it was a beautiful day and everyone was so happy and cheerful and full of joy and laughter. It was fun photographing them as well as hanging out with them and the whole family made it such a wonderful event that I don’t think we’ll ever forget.

Miranda’s parents and sister and brother joined us this time and I think Miranda prepped them before hand as they all knew exactly what to do and would come up with ideas and locations and even the kids would pose and smile perfectly, it was such a perfect session.

We love capturing families and the love that they share and it makes us so happy to think that our images will be hanging on their walls for them to enjoy for years and years to come. They will smile at the images and remember the wonderful day we had together and that’s why I love what I do.

Thanks Miranda and her family, we had a great time with all of you and we hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as we did.






















Four Seasons Hotel Toronto – MPH Photography – Toronto

August 4th, 2014

We had the lovely opportunity to photograph the executives at the Four Seasons hotel in Toronto head office. and it didn’t hurt that their offices are located in such beautiful surroundings so we decided to use what was available as backdrops and as you will see from the images, they have so many beautiful spots to photograph everyone in front of which made it even easier to photograph these beautiful people.

It was a pleasure working with each person and they were all a delight and lovely people. We really enjoyed our time photographing everyone and not only were we well taken care of during our time there but they made it fun and definitely one of the best headshot sessions we have ever done. They definitely make me want to stay at a Four Seasons hotel next time I go away if the way they treated us was any indication of how everyone acts at the Four Seasons, its definitely a first class company.

We hope everyone at the Four Seasons enjoyed their time with us as well. We are truly honoured and humbled that they asked us to photograph them and want to thank all of them for being so wonderful and lovely to work with.















Here’s a few more shots from a session that we did afterwards, which was to be a bit more of a creative/artistic photo shoot.