Mark’s Family

December 1st, 2021

It’s really an honour when old friends contact me and ask me to do a session for them and their family, and then when it turns into 13 people, then I really get excited as I love these types of sessions. I feel its so important to do at least one of these big family sessions every 5 years or so as families change, children are born and families grow, so its essential to document this and have professional images to capture these beautiful moments in our lives as our families grow. Soon some members won’t be there and new ones will join and nothing tells a story like a good photograph. I know way too many people that regret not having good pictures of themselves and their families and I try to remind everyone that these types of pictures are so essential and so important and no one ever regrets having them done when they see these pictures hanging on their walls. These images always make members smile and cherish the day they spent taking pics of their family. It truly becomes a treasure, its a beautiful day spent with family and having someone there to capture the love and make time stand still for a moment is truly priceless.

Such as this family, Mark and I have known each other since we were little, lived in the same building and I was touched when he contacted me. We set up a session and we had a great time and caught some great moments and I hope they cherish these photographs for a lifetime. Thanks Mark for trusting me to capture your family and I hope you treasure the time you spent with your family and smile every time you look at these images.


Savanna – Headshots

October 29th, 2021

I have known this little, well not so little girl since was born and have photographed her so many times through out her life, but this time was special. This little girl is growing up and she has a beauty voice to go along with her beautiful face. She has her own youtube channel and starting to record music of her own and wants to pursue a career in music. I think she can do anything she puts her mind too and I always love photographing her and this time was no different. She needed some heashots and possible images for her first album cover and we got some awesome shots. I hope this is the beginning of a wonderful career for her and I’m honored to be a part of her journey.


Janet – Headshots

October 29th, 2021

Here is another lovely lady that is so much fun and has so much class and is fun and willing to try almost anything to get the shot. Love her energy and her positive outlook and we had a blast during our session. She is also a repeat client and often comes for updated headshots for her wellness business and I couldn’t be more thrilled that she continues to come to me for her photography needs.


Sally – Headshots

October 29th, 2021

Have photographed this lady several times and she is such a pleasure and I love her family. This time she came to me because she wrote her first book for children and wanted a few headshots for various media outlooks as her cover of her book, I was honoured. Here are just a few from our session together and I’m happy to be photographing her family again in the next few weeks.



October 22nd, 2020

I know for some travelling during the pandemic is crazy but I felt safer in Cuba than I do at home in Canada. That said, I did my research and made sure that every precaution was taken before we decided to book our trip. In September 2020 I started reading that hotels were open again in Cuba, mainly in Cayo Coco and they were protocols in place to assure my safety. I saw videos of the cleaning precautions they were now doing, cleaning everything multiple times a day and sanitizers everywhere, and I heard they would give you a test at the airport after arriving and told within 24 hrs of the result. I then saw several videos from a gentleman who was the first to go to Cuba and he recorded everything. He showed us the airport here in Toronto and in Cuba and he recorded daily to show everyone how safe and amazing it was. After feeling safe, and talking it over with my boys we decided to book. We even had a couple of friends book with us, and we all travelled together. We were excited and not scared at all. We left on September 26 2020 . We did have our temp taken at the airport and we all wore masks and wore them on the plane. At the resort, every employee wore a mask and gloves, and they took your temp before going to the desk, and once we were showed to our room we felt comfortable enough to take off our masks. We were shown to our beautiful room, with an ocean view and since it was early afternoon we ventured off to the beach.

The beach is beautiful and empty, in fact we had our choice of palapas, and in total I think there were just over 100 people there and we all got to know each other for the most part. I think we all felt like an ease and an excitement that we were vacationing during these crazy times, and it was awesome. We all felt close and we all got along pretty well. We left with some new friends coming home.

The room was great, although we did not have water for a full day, they did drive us over to the paraiso so we could shower, and by the time we got back, we had water again. They have very comfy beds, except for the pull out bed they brought for one of my sons’, hard as nails, horrible bed, so the boys switched beds every night. We froze in our room at night, and they did not give us blankets or extra sheets for that matter, so I wore pants and a sweater and the next night I just turned the ac off because even turning it up to 24 made me cold. The shower in our 2 room suite was awesome, a bathtub with shower and a separate shower as well as a commode room and a small walk in closet, which I loved. We were in building 2, 2nd floor, 2116 and close to the snack bar and restaurant and the pool and the beach, so that was awesome.

The food was not that great. It was ok. We had a la carte the first night, italian and it took over an hour to get our food. We ordered spaghetti and I had lasagna, and had to ask for bread as it was taking so long and we were all starving. It was ok, and then we went to see the show. I was disappointed as they only have a few of the staff from animation and I felt although they were good dancers, I have been to Cuba so many times, they are always the same shows. The cuban dance show, the movie themed show, the love show, and usually have a guest participation show, all of which I just wasn’t really interested in. Our announcer Carlos was awesome and tried hard to get people to come to the shows, but there wasn’t much he could do to persuade us. I will say the karaoke night was the most fun though. We had asian the next night, which was pretty good except for the main course, some sort of pork but not really good. The snack bar was ok, but I didn’t go at night as I heard about the mosquitoes eating you alive there. I got eaten alive anyways, so I didn’t want more bites, lol. Although I did want a snack here and there at night but too afraid to go. I did try it a couple of times during the day and they served fries and burgers and poutine which I tried one time at lunch, all of it was pretty good. Lunch was at the restaurant or by the beach. It was nice to eat at the beach but it was repetitive, always the same choices, grilled chicken, pork or beef fajitas (with no tortilla and the meat was pretty tough). Never did get any lobster, or churros, or even cake and we celebrated my birthday there and they totally forgot, I was quite sad that I didn’t get a cake, didn’t want the fan fare but was looking forward to cake and never got it. The 3rd night they began the buffet again, this was much better. A server would go with you and you would tell them what you want and they would put it on the plate for you all while wearing masks and gloves and although it could take a few minutes to get a server, it was ok, I knew there would be a lot of things that wouldn’t be up to par as before the corona, so I didn’t expect much, which was good. It wasn’t a huge buffet, but there was plenty to pick from. Breakfast was at the same restaurant and there was pancakes, French toast, eggs, and you could order an omelet and they would make it and bring it to you. It would get cold in the restaurant so I would suggest wearing a small jacket, but you wlll be taking it off once outside. It was so hot, even at night, you would sit there and sweat and not even move a muscle,lol.

We had to use credit card for everything and the only thing we used cash for was tipping and Cuba has it pretty bad right now. Its hard for them to get soap and detergent and shampoo and deodorant among other things, They are such hard working people with lovely hearts, always doing their best to make us Canadians happy. They were full of smiles and their hands were over their hearts to show us how much they appreciated us coming there again. They have all been waiting and wanting to work and its been really tough on them. We brought a suitcase of things to give out and I wish I could have brought them more.

We had a very lovely time at Memories Flamenco, despite corona and its horrible grasp on life right now, we didn’t allow it to stop us from living and we enjoyed our time away, enjoyed the hot weather and the drinks and the sand and the sun and even more than that meeting new friends including Stacey and George and Paul and Darren and Krista and Kristal and Aimee (hey, brrrrrrrr)and we all got along so well, enjoyed our time together and I truly felt we all had a special connection. That was the best thing we took home with us.

We loved getting away and were not one bit scared, we enjoyed ourselves so much that we are ready to do it again and are looking at going back in November because we love CUBA the people and the weather and there is no reason to stay away from them. So Vamos a la playa!!!